YouTube, food and more!


The first entire week of the year went way too fast. I went back to school on January 4th after two weeks of Christmas break but, I was still not in the mood for working so it was kind of hectic. Down below I wrote about 4 favorites this week.

1. Favorite song of the week he is a song from Empire. Empire is a TV show broadcasted by FOX in the US. I tried to start the show but, I unfortunately did not get hooked. But one song in the first episode really made it way to my ear (if I can say that), the song is What is love  by V Bozeman

2. My favorite videos of this past week have been the same as pretty much every single week since more than 5 years. That’s videos from The SacconeJolys. Anna, Jonathan, Emilia and Eduardo are an Irish family living near London, England and they are daily vlogging. They never fail to put a smile on my face and I love watching them grow and evolve. Watching their vlogs is part of my daily routine since 5 years now. You can follow their days on the SacconeJolys channel over on YouTube

3. This week I have really been into baking and cooking. While I was looking for recipe on the internet I found this blog ourfoodstories. Nora and Laura (two girls born and based in Berlin, Germany) manage to make me crave anything shown on their blog even if it’s something I normally don’t fancy at all. I tried this Gluten free avocado pancakes with poached egg recipe and it was amazing.

4. Another one of my favorite this week might seem odd to some people (but who cares ? ). I am a huge pluviophile and I was quite impatient to wake up and see raindrops on my bedroom’s windows since it hadn’t properly rain where I live since June. It started raining this Monday and I was so excited!

I hope you all had amazing holidays and a good week. Feel free to leave your favorite in the comment section that your can find on the right side of the post.


I don’t own the right to every picture featured on this article.

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