Food, TV and more!

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It’s time for me to bundle together in one post the best of the past week.

1. Are you already bored by all my rumbling about food? I never get bored of talking about food, ever! First thing I did this week was sat with my mom and write all of the family recipe she does that I love to combine them all in my own cooking binder. I search on pinterest for the best free printable recipe page and I came across this one by Kristen from I used the editable form and typed all of my mom’s recipes, put everything into plastic sheets and into a blue binder.

2. I finally came to the same conclusion as everyone, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver. As it is raining a lot recently my hair are being really weird and look really flat. I used dry shampoo between shampoos to give a bit more volume to the top of my back ponytail.I use Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark and Deep Brown so that I don’t have white all over my head.

3. I used to love watching makeup tutorials even though my own makeup routine consist of mascara and sometimes two eye-shadows. However I watched Zoella’s everyday makeup routine and I really loved the final look. If you don’t already know Zöe Sugg here you go, she seems to be really lovely.

4. I am the kind of person that always had gums with her. My personal favorites are the Hollywood black fresh. Those taste like menthol and liquorice which might seem disgusting to some of you but I really enjoy them.

5. Loads of my favorite shows were on winter hiatus and aired back this week.I am planning on doing a post about my top 10 favorites shows but the episode I enjoyed the most this week are the new episode of Arrow and The Flash both broadcasted by the CW in the USA.

I hope you all had an amazing week. Feel free to leave your favorite in the comment section that your can find on the right side of the post.




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