I am addicted to TV shows

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The title says it all. I am addicted to TV Shows, usually American or British shows to be precise. My obsession started with Disney Channel’s shows such as Hannah Montna or Wizards of Waverly Place, went on with Gossip Girl and now with loads of shows.

I stay up to date with the new episode thanks to an app on my phone, the TVShow Time App where you can enter the show you are watching and it notifies you when a new episode is up.. Maybe the most useful app I have on my phone alongside the YouTube app. The app also tells you how much time you spent watching shows, and for all the shows I have entered into the app I have spent almost 2 months watching episodes, mental!

After writing four weekly favorites post I realized I almost had a favorite episode of the week in each of them and that I had to write about my favorite shows. I thought I would only post about on-going shows but if you want a post about ended shows that I loved feel free to ask me and I’ll write it for you.


TVD is my number one show since 2009. Can you imagine that I’ve been hooked for almost seven years ? I also have every books and every dvds possible of the show. Whilst I grew up and I am not so keen on vampires anymore it’s the kind of show I can watch over and over. Loads of my friends love this show and we always have interesting talks about the storyline or character. My favorite characters are Lexi, Katherine, Caroline and of course the main trio.

Short plot: The series takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, where vampires, werewolves and witches live. The story line follows Elena Gilbert, Stefan and Damon Salvatore and their friends and enemies.


TO is a TVD spin off which follow the Original family that originally appeared in TVD. The Originals were part of my favorite characters of TVD so I was thrilled to have an entire show with them. I love that the story line are connected but both shows have different vibes.

Short plot : The main protagonist are Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson when they return to New Orleans, city that they build but were forced to leave. They try to  protect their city from a war brewing between vampires, werewolves and witches.


I started Scandal last summer because all my favorite shows were on hiatus but ended up loving it. It is really different from my main go to shows but I think that is what hooked me up. I love the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. The actors are amazing too.

Short plot : The show takes place in Washington, D.C. and focuses on Olivia Pope’s firm, Olivia Pope&Associates, and its staff.they are specialized in crisis management. They work alongside the most important people of the USA and especially the staff at the White House and President Fitzgerald Grant III.


Also a really different show. I never were into law type of shows but Suits is one of my favorite. Harvey Specter (portrayed by Gabriel Macht) is probably my favourite person in the fiction world. The actors are rally talented and also if you love fashion the outfit are always on point in the show.

Short plot :  Suits follows the life of a law firm in NYC. Main protagonist is Mike Ross a law associate who never actually attended law school.


Quantico recently started and I randomly came across the show through Instagram discovery page. I’m so glad I did. It’s one of the best drama show out there with an extraordinary talented cast and writers. The lead actress Priyanka Chopra is really talented and gorgeous and I can’t wait for the show to air again.

Short plot: The protagonist of the series is Alex Parrish. She is suspected of committing a terrorist attack in Grand Central. We discover her story and the stories of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia thanks to flashbacks.


I discovered Reign when I was over at my friend Chiara’s house for a night and we wanted to eat M&Ms whilst watching something and we found Reign and we watch seven, yes seven episodes in a row. That sums it all. Adelaide Kane is so gorgeous and if you are a Narnia fan Anna Popplewell is part of the cast.

Short plot :  The show follows Mary, Queen of Scots during her years living in France as the future Queen of France. She awaits for her marriage to Prince Francis and lives in the French court and has to deal with politics and feelings changes.

I hope you discovered a new tv show to binge watch. Leave your recomendation in the comment section on the left side of the post. I’ll see you next monday with a new weekly favourite post.


12 thoughts on “I am addicted to TV shows

    • flavietherese says:

      Tv watching is definitely one of the thing I answer when one of those teachers ask “what is your hobby?” And all I can think about is eating or watching tv.
      Thank for the comment, have a nice day xx


  1. Stella says:

    Great post, I can really relate to this blogpost and my tv addiction also started with these same disney channel shows! Nice blog btw, I’d love if we were blog buddies hahah 🙂

    Stella xx


  2. Stella says:

    Great post! I can really relate as well, my tv addiction also started with these two disney channel shows now I can’t stop watching Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends and Chicago Fire. A really nice blog btw. I’d love if we were blog buddies (supported each others blog) haha 😉

    Stella xx


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