What’s in my backpack ?

2016-02-03 16.18.17
Forget about boring books, notepads or binders, let’s ramble about what is in my backpack front pocket.

I have had an Eastpak backpack for seven years and what I love the most about those is the huge front pocket where I keep all the things not related to school. What’s in my bags are well appreciated so I thought about doing a what’s in my backpack ? As I am in school 8 hours a day my everyday bag is my school backpack.

> FYI : My current backpack is an Eastpak Padded Pak’r® in Double Denim  £40.00, I also have the same design in Black.

In the main front pocket I carry with me a deodorant. My favorite one is the mini milk and cotton deodorant by Monsavon.
I also have a black hair tie, a pack a licorice gums by Hollywood, a card holder with my bus and cafeteria cards and a Dubrovnik notebook that my brother offered me after he went to Croatia.
Also, 2 packs of card games live in this pocket. First one is an Asterix and Obelix theme happy families game and the other one is classic cards, my friends and I love to play with those during lunch break.

Then I have a small pouch where I keep things that are more related to beauty and fit there.

In here I have a lip balm by the brand Labello. The yellow one is the sun protect fps 30 and waterproof lip balm. It is not my favorite but I bought it so I am using it but any kind of lip balm is always good to have on hand.
I also have a mini refillable perfume spray that I got as gift by my Loreal Professionel hairdresser once. It is field with my favorite perfume of the moment. Right now it’s the last drop of my Nina eau de toilette by Nina Ricci.
You can also find a hair comb. It misses a tooth but it works fine and is always handy. I wear glasses so I have a cleaning spray for them. I also have a little box which contains a pad in case of emergencies.
Finally, I carry a 4 colours pen by Bic, a mini Swiss Army knife and two tubes of drugs, a headache reliever and a sore throat reliever.

I hope you enjoyed reading this new blogpost. Leave me in the comment section on the left of the article about what do you carry in your everyday bag? 
I’ll see you on Monday for a weekly favorite blogpost. Have a nice day and a nice week!


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