Weekly Favorites #5

It feels quite strange to write the first weekly favorite article of February. 2016 is already going too fast for my liking but we all have to roll with it. I was really exited at the start of the week because on Saturday The Six Nations Championship started.

If you don’t know what this is let me explain. The Six Nations Championship is an international rugby union tournament involving six European team : England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales and France. There is a new edition every year, each country plays every other team once. The winner is chosen regarding points (two for a win, one for a draw and none if you loose. You can win two mains trophy the Six Nations Championship Trophy if you have the most point or the Wooden Spoon if you have the least point. It is the only yearly rugby union tournament and as a huge rugby fan (I support France) I am always excited.

1. First favorite is already well explained, I did not expected to ramble that much about it in the introduction. The game was on Saturday afternoon, France vs Italy. We won but the game was quite intense and both team did really well.

2. Second favorite is for all of us little geeks on our phone. It is the Fallout Shelter App. In this game you have to build and then manage your Vault, a fallout shelter. You control the citizens and try to make them happy with food, power and water. I’ve been hooked on this game for weeks now so I thought I would mention it there.

3. The past week was the time where every youtuber posted their monthly favorite video. I am always up to watch one this month the one I enjoyed the most were Samantha Maria’s, Lily Pebbles’ and Viviannadoesmakeup’s.

4. As for song, I’ve recently been loving Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor.

5. For this week food related favorite I’ve chosen to write about an Instagram account named “Le Fooding”.This is the best food porn Instagram account I follow because it allows me to discover other food related Instragram because all picture a regrammed from other accounts.

Here is my round-up of the first week of February.I hope your’s went really great. Leave me your favorite in the comment section on the left side of the post.

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