The Emoji Tag

emoji+keyboard+pro+top.jpgLast week, I stumble upon an article by Tess from the blog The Lyrics to Life that I really enjoy. She did The Emoji Tag and I thought about doing it too. Emojis are huge now. More than six billion are used every day around the world .I’m addicted to using them, you could see me typing on iMessage for a good 15 minutes and all I’m doing is searching for the one emoji to illustrate my message.

Studies have shown that emojis have the ability to change our mood or alter our facial expression like seeing a real human face could do.

> FYI : The emoji keyboard is from EmojiWorks and retails for $99.95.

After a little brainstorming with my phone I’ve chosen the emojis I use the most and tryed to describe when I use them.

catI love cats, they are my favorite animals. I have a cat, named Yaki and I love to post or talk about him and also to send cute pictures of him so those two emojis are highly used. The heart shaped eyes cat is for cuteness overload.


My friends and I tend to send each other jokes or things that are funny about us, or people we know and when I went to express that something is funny or that I am laughing I used the crying-laughing face or the sticking the tongue out and laughing face.


Those two are my most used face emojis. They literally punctuate each of my text. I tend to blush really easily (or just be tomato red any time I laugh) so the embarrassed emoji is just me everityme. When someone says something cute or pleasant I often send the heart kiss emoji as like a thank you kind of emoji.

chocked cry

Extreme emotions emojis. They are that simple to describe. When I am either shocked, upset, or really sad these are the emojis I pick to express my feeling.

Who doesn’t love heart emojis? These four are my favorites one. No particular reasons except for the blue heart. Blue is my favorite colour so this heart is reserved for people I genuinely love. For example my parent’s contact names are the only ones with this heart.

Weird emojis. Yes, they are. But I use them a lot for one reason : they represents two of my closest friends. The frog is for one of my guy friend who is really toned and the first time I saw him run in running shorts I said to my friend there that he had frog leg. Since then he is “Frogman” to me. The seedling emoji represent the meaning of one of my girl friend Chloé.  Chloé is a name that symbolizes new growth. We now call her young sprout because she is one year younger than the rest of us and this emojis represents her.

My friend Chiara is one of my closest and best friend. One day we joked that we were as friends as poo and toilet paper. There is not a toilet paper emojis so we ended up sending the toilet emojis.

The sheep is for one of my friend that we call Shaun the Sheep (just like the sheep in the movie). Don’t ask me why I don’t remember the reason. Finally, this last emoji is my favorite one in term of design and colours and I use it a lot everytime I’m happy about something, or it’s someone’s birthday.

What about you, what are you favorite emojis? Do you use them a lot? Leave a comment on the left side of the post with your answers.

Have a lovely day.

*All of the picture above are from the website where you can buy emojis stickers for $1 each. 


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