Weekly Favorites #6

weekly favorite 6.jpgThe past week was my last week of school before my two weeks long winter break. Teachers were constantly on our back with tons of works to do before we go in vacation and I was pretty stressed out. However, I managed to gamble all the bits I enjoyed through the week and write this weekly favorites post.

1. I recently stated that I have an addiction to TV shows. No surprise then to find a TV show on my favorites this week. I was behind on one episode and then this week episode was released so I watch to The Flash episode in a row and it confirmed to me that this is an excellent program. I found Grant Gustin to be handsome but also a talented actor and every character and storyline is to my liking.

2. I love reading, I always have. When I was younger and living in Paris I used to have a library subscriptions and I would read 50 documents a week from books, to magazines and comic books. I bought Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson after Christmas and I started reading it last week and as for now I think it’s really intriguing. I would surely write a review when I finish it if you are interested.

3. My favorite song of the week for this post is Love Yourself by Justin Bieber by Justin Bieber.

4. Last week, I wrote a loooong speech about the Six nations rugby union championship. France team’s game this week was against Ireland and we won by one point. This made my Saturday so much better.

5. For my birthday this year a few of y friends teamed up to offer me a perfume. They did really well and choose the Repetto Eau de toilette which I am loving. I am planning on doing a post on my favorite perfume this week so I won’t ramble about the top notes here.

6. I don’t have the chance to travel outside of France a lot. As a result I really like to travel through travel diary blog post or videos. Aspyn Ovard recently started to do travel diaries while she is traveling and the video and editing quality is stunning. She has one for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, , and the most recent one San Francisco, California, USA.

Here is my round-up of this past week. Leave me your favorite in the comment section on the left side of the post.

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