Weekly favorites #8

Last week was pretty hectic. I went skiing with my family on Sunday 21st and went back home on Saturday 26th. I did not had access to my computer on the day and I was exhausted when I went back home on Saturday so this weekly post is a bit late, I am really sorry for that. Let’s get started with the favorites.

1. As for beauty I have to favorite this week. First one is right in the season, I went skiing and for those of you who are used to go to the mountain the air is usually cold and dry and lips are not really happy about it usually so I always come prepared with a good lip balm. I am usually a sucker for a good hydrating lip balm who has SPF but this year I went with Mixa Cold Cream Lip Balm. My lips were not dry at all after my ski trip so this lip balm definitely work a lot.

2. Second favorite is also beauty related this time for the nail. I love nail polish but I find them to be quite expensive every time if you go to the upper categories of nail polishes. I try to test every ranges I want (and can afford) I’ve tested OPI, Essie as for middle range polishes and they are amazing but quite expensive for the use I do of nail polishes so I tend to go toward less expensive brands and out of all of them I tested Sephora’s 5 day shine nail lacquer are by far my favorites.

3. As for TV show this week I have loved watching Scandal(I already rambled about it here) and a new show I discovered last week which is called Blindspot.

4. Before I went skiing everyday I had a forty minutes long car ride so I download a few games apps and the one I liked the most is called Two Dots.

That’s it for this post. I hope you are having an awesome week so far! Leave your favorites in the comment section on the left side of the post.

Xx, Mathilde

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