5 beauty bits I’m loving


Today’s post is going to be about 5 beauty bits I’ve been loving lately. I spend a lot of my time on beauty blog or watch in beauty videos but I’ve never posted, yet, about beauty on this blog. So here it is!

First thing I’ve been loving is for my hand. Hand beauty care is an essential part of my night routine. For quite sometimes now I am using the same hand cream. This was a gift from one of my closest girl friend at my 17 th birthday last year. Yves Rocher’s long-lasting moisturizing hand cream. The cream has organic arnica extract inside its composition as well as different oils, glycerin and wax to protect the hands. I really enjoy that the cream does not leave you with a greasy feeling afterward and it does its job properly.

Second two things are hair related. First is my hairbrush, it is a really common one I got from my L’oréal professionel hairdresser. I love that the tooth are wide and in plastic, they help detangled my hair without causing too much breaking. Then, I have my favorite dry shampoo. Batiste dry shampoos have been really popular for a long time. As a brunette I did not like the white effect that dry shampoos previously left on my hair but since I’ve bought the dark and brunette version dry shampoo has been my best hair friends whenever i can’t bother to wash my hair on the second day, after a workout or when I want a bit more volume in my ponytail or bun.

Let’s get onto skin care. I have combination skin : some areas are greasy and other areas are dry. But overalls it’s sensitive I have redness because of weather changing or anything happening with my skin and I also have zits pretty often. I use micelar water on my skin at days and night and the one I am us in and live is Mixa’s physiologic micellar water with glycerine for sensitive and dry skin. I find that glycerine really calms my skin a lot which is always enjoyable.

Finally, after talking about hand care, hair care and skin care let’s talk about makeup. I don’t own any expensive brand product except for one product that is more on the pricey side. Rarely ever wear anything else then eyeshadow, mascara and sometimes eyes pencil so I focus my money on those. So the only expansive product I have is the urban decay naked 2 basics palette.

This palette has more cool toned shade in comparison to the first naked basic. Their are shade one being more of an highlight shade calls Skimp and the five others are matte shades. You have Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone. My favorite shades are Frisk and Cover.  I find the naked basics palettes to be good day to day palette and because they are so compact you can easily travel with them.

I hope you enjoyed my little beauty ramble. Leave me your favorite beauty bits in the comment section on the left side the post.

xx, Mathilde.

I am sorry for the quality of the picture above, I’ve taken it night. Sorry 😦

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