Dear memories

Today I am sharing with you another personal post. After writing my post about my move from Paris to the French countryside I realized that I like writing personal post too. I’ve decided to write about memories and how much I cherish them.

Memories have a important place in my heart. Whenever I am down I try to remember a positive memories to get my mind out of anything negative that is keeping me down. Manu studies have proven that remembering something positive when you’re down helps you.

I definitely think memories really build us psychologically wise. It’s kind of our psychic DNA. Everyone has different memories made along our own life path. Everyone has an history. Part of me is the fact that I lived in Paris, moved from Paris and now life in my dad’s hometown, I wrote an entire post last week about my move and how it affected me. Memories of my life in Paris are really close to my heart because my personality was created in Paris : I love Asian food because I lived in the Asian district in Paris, I love art because Paris has amazing museum..I am an urban girl.

I think my look over my memories change through time, and I guess this would be a thing for all my live. My memory isn’t perfect, there is small details I don’t remember anymore but the main important parts of all my memories are written in my brain.

Memories also tend to guide my choices. It might sound silly but I will always choose Bolognese spaghetti over pizza because it reminds me of my mom’s mom meals. I tend to only have few true friends because I learnt the hard way that it’s better to have a small group of friends.

Finally, another thing with memories I that I find they help me create link with people I love. I really love to remember family memories or memorize I made with my friend. Pictures are amazing for that. I have a vacation memory I build throughout the year : for about 8 years I wen fishing in with my parents and another family we are friends with, I have a connexion with the two boys in this family thanks to those memories of happy moments. I also really like to task picture with my friends and I stick my favorites in my room or in my planner to remain me of the good day we had the day we took the picture. I still feel the same emotions when I remember the moment I learnt about the terrorist attacks in Paris in January 2015 and in november 2015, this memory is a collective one, similar to the memory of 9/11 for all Americans especially.

Memories do not represent what we lost, more what we have acquired.

I would love to read your thought on memories, you can leave your comments on the left side of the post.

Have a nice day xx, Mathilde.

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