Weekly favorites #11

Week number 11 of 2016 it over, that’s  insane once again! I felt like I was going to be sick since Sunday and that did not miss out I was totally sick on Tuesday. It was simply a cold but everyone knows how much it can put you down on the first days.. However I managed to gather a little favorite list. Let’s get started.

YouTube //

Zoe Sugg posted three vlogs this week and I’ve enjoyed it so much. She is really genuine and funny. I’ve watch her vlog channel since she started it and every time she manages to make me laugh.
I wanted to mention another travel diary video by Aspyn Ovard. Her and her husband Parker went to Hawaii with benefit and they filmed a travel diary. I am always blown away by their videoing talent!
I am moving in August or September normally and I love home decor so I actually really enjoyed Lily Pebbles’ Living room tour too.

Movie //

I had a girl night with my friend Chiara on Saturday and we watch Despicable Me 1. I had already seen the movie when it came out in 2010 and it has been a favorite ever since but watching it again made me appreciate it again (even though I fell asleep at least two times but for my excuse it was late and I was tired and laying in a cosy bed haha!).

TV shows //

As for the last two week I’ve only watch the new episode of Quantico and Blindspot. I am addicted and I’ve left my other favorite shows on the side and using the so little time I have on these shows. However Geordie Shore was back this week with season 12 so I jump on my computer to watch the first episode of the tv reality. If you don’t know what Geordie shore is it’s British reality to show. Geordie shore is a bit trashy and huge on alcohol, arguments and sex but it is quite relaxing and give your brain a little break.

Song //

Finally the song I’ve listened to the most this week is Work by Rihanna featuring Drake – two artists I love.
I’ll post a new playlist soon with all my favorite song of March and April in the middle of April.

I hope you enjoyed your week! Leave me your favorites in the comment section on the left side of the post.

xx, Mathilde.

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