Steve Jobs & Hair oil

Hi guys! I hope you had an amazing week! Personally, it was my last week of Spring vacation and I tried to make the most out of it because the next two months of school are about to get hectic.Let's start with my weekly favorite number 16. Beauty // Because I've recently cut my hair I tried … Continue reading Steve Jobs & Hair oil


2011 #SongsSaturday

Who doesn't love a good throwback ? I know I do love one especially when it's a music throwback. I had the idea to do a series of post of playlist with my favorite hits from a certain year starting with 2011. These post will be included in my new category called #SongsSaturday. I'll try … Continue reading 2011 #SongsSaturday

Wanderlust TAG

Picture taken by yours truly in September 2011 in Pornic's harbour, France. Why do I want to travel ? Traveling for me represents new life experience. Discovering culture, traditions, food and people has always had a sting mental impact for me. With Instagram, Snapchat and all sorts of social media it's really easy to travel … Continue reading Wanderlust TAG