Weekly favorites #13

Hello guys! We meet again for our little monday morning rendez-vous! I hope you had an amazing week. Let’s get started.


My favorite show was back on this week so of course I have to mention it. The episode was directed by Ian Somerhalder, and if I admit was really good. you can find other fav show here and there.


Welcome to this new category. My favorite board game of the week was Jungle Speed. Playing this at school with a few of my classmate brought back so much memories because I used to play this hard core when I was younger  at recreation centre when I was a kid.


Everyone was talking about it so I had to try it : the Think Dirty app. I am trying actively to reduce the use of beauty products with nasty ingredients but if you are like me I have no clue about almost 99% of the ingredients in my products so I searched for something to help me with it. That’s when I heard about this app. With this application you can search for your product or scan the barcode and if this product is in the database (that you can help update if it’s the case) this will give you easy-to-understand informations on the products and simple list of nasty and toxic ingredients. I love it.

To go along the all “clean products” I wanted to mention Emily Fillerup’s blog. I discovered her blog recently on her sister in-law Amber Fillerup’s blog. Em loves natural health and her blog is a good source of inspiration for products who are not crazy expensive, natural and do the job well!


On Sunday my dad turned 59. Crazy! We went to the pizzeria on Saturday night and ate a cake on Sunday after lunch. Happy birthday Daddy!

I hope you enjoyed your week! Leave me your favorites in the comment section on the left side of the post.

xx, Mathilde.

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