Driving license & first cheescake

Hi guys! I hope you had an amazing week! Personally, it was my first week of Spring vacation and I tried to make the most out of it. It’s time to write about what has been going in my life this week.

Personal //

Two amazing things to write about. I’m going to start with the most foolish one, I got an haircut. A short haircut. That’s a huge step forward for me because hairdressers are not my friends, at all. Whatsoever I had the idea in my mind since January and finally got around to do it on friday. In 7 years I’ve been to the hairdresser once, just to get a little trim for the split ends and check if I like this salon. I did so I went back to the same salon, cut off about 4 inches of my hair and now they’re just under my collarbone. It’s a big change for me because I’ve had long hair (middle of my back) for so long that is so weird I feel like I’m bald.
The second thing is a huge achievement for me and a step in adulthood : I passed my driving test and I now have my driving license. I can’t drive alone yet, but once I turn 18, on June 15th I can drive by myself. I’m so proud of myself!

YouTube //

I’ve already mentioned the Sacconejolys more than once. They’re my favorite vloggers. They announced in their vlogs a few months ago that they’re trying for a third baby and announced in a really sweet video this week that Anna is pregnant with their third child.Congratulations are in order for them, of course. I’m so happy for this amazing family and so excited for the next months of vlogs on their channel and on Anna’s personal one.

Food //

Food wise this week is a new discovery. I feel like I’m the last one to hop on the train but until friday I had never tasted a cheesecake. I don’t really drink plain milk so I was always afraid of the milk aftertaste of the cheese part but finally decided to give it a go at the restaurant we went to to celebrate me passing my driving test. It wasn’t too bad so now I want to try an homemade one. If you have any recipes you love leave them in the comments !

TV shows //

I hadn’t finished the last five episodes of The Fosters because of school and other shows I watched but I really wanted to finish the whole season before season 4 starts so I watched all the episodes in a row. I love this show. The writers always address issues of “normal people” from teenagers to grown up adults such as health issues, sexuality, relationship, money… in a really sensible way and just for that I would recommend watching it.

Leave me your favorites in the comment section. Have a nice week!

xx, Mathilde.


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