Fig & Viennoiserie

Hello guys. Happy first Monday of May !

If I had to recap my last week of April I would only use a word : work. I am in my last year of high school and in mid-June I have the most important exam of the French scholar system : the baccalaureate. Each high school usually organize mock up exam weeks to train us and get us use to the type of test we can have on the day and for me that was the case last week. On Friday, my brain was literally at the compote stage. I haven’t manage to have so much discoveries or favorites this week because all I could think about was work, I did not watch any shows or had the time to read so much. But here is what I manage to sum up for you guys.

Song //

I’ve mentioned this at least three time already, I listen to music on a daily basis on my way to school. Usually I listen to regular songs but once in a while I fall in love with a cover and/or a mashup I find on YouTube. I often love whatever Sam Tsui covers but I especially love his mashups. My favorites are this one and this one.

Food //

Food wise this week we are talking French patisserie. I was in a school trip on Thursday and we were offered mini viennoiseries (you can call them pastries also). I love those so much and I hadn’t had them in so long because there isn’t any awesome bakery around where I live.

Beauty //

I do not use any particular shower gel, I just go with the flow sometimes but there are some that I love. One of them I’ve been using recently is the Cottage Soothing Milk shower with Fig extract.

YouTube //

This weekend was the last weekend of April which means monthly favorite in the beauty YouTube word. Here is my little selection of April favorites : VivianadoesmakeupLily Pebbles, Samantha Maria and Tanya Burr.

That is it for this week, leave me your weekly favorites in the comments below. Have a nice May !

xx, Mathilde. 


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