Cap Ferret & One Call Away

Wake up (4)
Hello guys and happy Monday !

I hope you’re happy to start a fresh new week. Let’s recap last week on a personal level. First I had two major exams : English and Spanish conversation on Monday so I was a bit stressed out but everything worked out well! Then, Thursday was Ascension day which is an holiday weekend. To top it of I was able to “faire le pont.” You can translate this as “make a bridge” which means that if a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, some places extend the break by taking the nearest Friday or Monday off work too in order to have a longer weekend. In my case, my school gave us the Friday so I wasn’t at school from Wednesday afternoon (I finish school at 1 pm on Wednesday) until Sunday night. That break was much needed and so appreciated. I went on a little three day weekend at the Cap-Ferret in South Western France. However, let’s get started with the weekly favorites.

Place //

I am planning on dedicating an entire travel post to the area I went to for my little getaway weekend but it was definitely my favorite thing of the week. France has so many different landscapes it’s crazy! The Cap-Ferret area is mostly ocean, beach, tiny villages, amazing lighthouse and good food, it was so relaxing and amazing. And the weather was so beautiful we had 29°C one afternoon.

Sport //

I must have already mention this fact about me : I am not sporty but I have an addiction to watching sport : football, rugby, handball, athletics.. Therefore, I have many favorite players that I follow everywhere on social medias.. And favorite teams. Tuesday, one of my favorite team won her tickets to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League which is the finale. And my favorite all time player Antoine Griezmann scored so I was happy!

Song //

While I was traveling to the Cap-Ferret I listened to the radio and became addicted over one song : One Call Away by Charlie Puth.

Books //

I might post a review on this book (I know loads of promises) but I finished Zoë Sugg’s first novel Girl Online. It’s a really simple story but I enjoyed it a lot and have already started the second book Girl Online on tour.

That’s it for today! Leave me your favorite in the comments, have a lovely Monday!


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