Digital detox

Wake up (5)
I’m starting to type this article on my computer my phone is playing a YouTube video in the background my camera is charging because I want to use it this afternoon my dad is on his computer and my mum is watching TV. This description might seem extreme but that’s the reality of live. Technical devices are everywhere and sometimes I feel like they kind of pollute our days. I’ve read online about digital detox several time and the idea sprung in my head several time too, but I’ve never computed for more than half a day. Until recently.

This article is only going to describe my digital detox experience, yours might have been different or might be different in the future.

Four months ago my physic and chemistry teacher announced to my class that we will be doing a field trip  to a world-class testing centre to discover all the jobs that exist in science and engineering. We were all excited but the one thing that kept as shocked was that because it was a military ran centre phone were not allowed. Instantly I thought about using this opportunity to do a digital detox for a day.

I think what made this experience a success is the fact that it was obligated, we couldn’t bring our phone into the bus let alone in the centre.

The day before the school trip, I turned off my phone before bed time, read a little and went to sleep with the idea in my brain that I would switch my phone back on until the second next morning. In the morning I did my little routine before going to school, left my house and hoped on my school bus. At that time I missed my smart phone – I usually listen to music or read something online about sports results and I couldn’t. I simply watch the landscape during the ride. At first it felt weird but it was actually calm and peaceful.
I arrived at school and missed my phone again, I could I know when my friends will arrive and if they were already there  where were they? I took a deep breath and went to ask one of my classmates and finally found my friends. We talk for a while before we had to take of in another bus.
The second bus ride was better and I did not feel the need to reach out for my phone who would usually be in my coat pocket. We talked thought the entire journey about everything and nothing from our favorite marvel movies to our favorite foods (bear with us we were hungry because it was already getting closer to 11:30 am).
At midday during lunch I did not think once about my phone, we exchanged about the food, our teachers and what we just saw in the testing facilities.
The rest of the day went on, we had another chat-filled bus ride back to our highschool, my dad came to pick me up and I described to him my day. Same thing when I arrived home to mom. We ate without TV because we were talking, I went on to shower without music, read for a while and fell asleep without radio in the background as usual.

To cut short, this experience was a success for me. I was happy, I connected with my friends and classmates better without being disturbed by notifications every two minutes like I usually am. It felt right to do it for a day, but I don’t think it would feel right to do it for several days if I had not anything else plan like a trip or an outing. I am not so much of an addict, during my school day my phone is off while I am in class because I took the habit while I was in middle school because it was the rule. I try to keep of my phone while I am having a discussion with someone, will I eat.. But, truthfully this experience open my eyes about how much our phones, TVs..keep us from the real world.

I am not saying that progress is evil. They’ve allowed humankind to change in so many astonishing ways and bring us marvellous things everyday.
Being truthful, I am not one for an everyday digital detox.

I would love to know your opinion on digital detox. Are you in favour of those experiment ? Would you like to try it? Have you experienced it already ? If yes how was it ?

Have a nice day, Mathilde.

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