21 facts about me


Hello guys! In order for you to get to know me a bit better I brainstormed some blog post ideas last week and decided to introduce my “unusual” side to you in this post 21 facts about me. I kept things minimal with only twenty facts because if I start to ramble for forty lines on each facts we’re not out of the woods yet so I stopped at twenty facts. They’re not classified or in any particular order

1 //
I’m not ashamed of saying that I love TV reality shows. It’s sometimes trashy, vulgar and everything but I love it. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t do clubbing, alcohol so I live this wild life thanks to TV shows or something else that makes me enjoy these shows so much.

2 //
In a few years, once I am settled and I’ve a family I want to adopt. The idea has been in my head for quite a long time.

3 //
I cannot fall asleep without background noises. I’m sure it’s because I’ve got use to Paris noises around me when I was younger. Therefore, I go to sleep with the radio in the background.

4 //
My favorite fruits are bananas, pineapples and strawberries.

5 //
I’ve always wanted to run for president. This fact is as simple as that but the background story is that one day when I was younger I said to my parents that I wanted to run for president. I don’t know why but I found the idea interesting and funny.

6 //
I can’t lit a lighter.

7 //
I’ve broken my cranium on the edge of a marble step.

8 //
I’ve also thrust a nail inside my foot. The nail was on a piece of old wood and I walked on it without realizing it and push my foot on it. I wasn’t barefoot I had converse. As you can guess I almost fainted afterwards.

9 //
I don’t drink plain cow milk.

10 //
My favorite cinema treat is salty pop corn and Kit Kat balls.

11 //
I’m afraid of dogs. I’ve had bad experiences with certain dogs in my neighborhood when I was little (it was certainly my fault because no dogs is mean nor dangerous at first) and now in my head dog equals danger and scary. Nevertheless I’ve had lovely experiences with dogs since then, I believe it’s really depends on how the dog owner educates his dog whether they’re small or big dogs : I can’t handle a dog that jumps onto you hundreds of times (after the hello you phase of course) for example.

12 //
Pretty much everyone that knows me say that I talk too fast. I can’t help it.

13 //
My favorite candies are fruit flavored sour candies.

I spent my fourteenth birthday at the hospital because my dvd reader fell on my toe.

15 //
I’m obsessed with goat cheese.

16 //
I hate the sound of people cracking their knuckles.

17 //
I am scared of roller coasters but I enjoy amusement parks so much.

18 //
My favorite Disney movies are Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Dumbo and The Princess and the Frog.

19 //
I love to add knowledge to my general knowledge case in my brain.

20 //
I don’t drink coffee.

One of my hobby is sightseeing. I live in a touristic area so there are thousands of things to see castles, caves, gardens and wonderful landscapes.

I’d love to get to know you better therefore don’t forget to leave me some facts about you in the comments down below!

Xx, Mathilde.


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