Photography & football

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This week was a little bit random I didn’t bake, cook, watch TV or red for the most part of the week so my round-up may end up being random as well. On another note, I can’t handle we are already over with twenty-one weeks of 2016 already. Mad!

Football //
This Saturday night was the UCL final in Milan opposing to clubs from Madrid, the Real and the Atletico. However, even thought the Atletico Madrid that I was supporting lost, the UCL final was one of my highlight this week.

YouTube //
YouTube wise this week, my favorite video was by Anna Saccone. She posted Eduardo’s two years old update. I’ve been following the Sacconejoly family for so long now it’s kind of crazy and Anna’s videos on her own channel are always amazing so if you don’t know her check her channel out.

Game //
I am not so found of board game because I’ve never lived with siblings to play them with but whenever I do play I always fairly enjoy it. On Friday I played a homemade version of Pictionary and let me tell you we laugh so much! If you don’t know what Pictionary it’s a game where you have to draw something that represent a word and the other person has to guess the word go get a point. It’s incredibly funny especially when played in teams when you have zero artistic skills like me.

Photography //
While browsing Ikea’s frame section I discovered a range of really cool posters. They all cost £10 and are part of the Ikea Art Event 2016. My favorite was the “lost at sea” photograph by Mandy Barker. however, my interest is not about the poster range but the artist. I searched for a bit more of her work online and fell in love with “Penalty”. The idea behind the painting is to raise awareness about the problem of marine plastic pollution in the oceans. Using footballs was a genius ideas : football has a global power around the world as balls were found in the US, France, U.K., Brazil Australia, Japan. This series of photograph are really powerful you can read more about them there.

Personal life //
Last but not least my first childhood friend that I’ve known since I was about 6 month old turned 18 on Monday. The feeling we both had realising that we have been friends for 17+ years amazed us.

Sorry for such a random weekly fav’ article. I hope you had an amazing week. Don’t forget to leave your own favorites in the comment section. See you soon !

xx, Mathilde

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