Grilled cheese & quoted

Hello everyone, I hope you are all starting this week by having an awesome Monday. As for me, I’m posting today my twenty-second weekly favorite post of the year! Can you imagine that we are nearly at half of 2016 ? That’s MAD! Especially because June means that it’s my birthday month. My birthday is on June 15th, however it’s my first day of exams this year so boo for that.

As we are getting closer and closer to the start of my final exams I might be a little bit less regular with my uploads and my engagements with everyone on social media, I’m sorry but school has to come first. But as for now, let’s get on with this weekly favorite round-up!

YouTube & Food //

My first favorite combines two things I adore : watching YouTube videos and eating food. I’m sure you are all aware of the huge cooking channels community on the platform. My favorite cooking channel being TheKitchyKitchen by Claire Thomas. Claire does not only do cooking/baking but also lifestyle videos, but unique thing about her videos is the filming style : always so classy and artistic. This week videos can illustrate this perfectly, she posted quite an artistic videos of Grilled Cheese 9 Ways. All the footage was mouth-watering and pleasing for the eyes. I loved it and I’m gonna try some of these combinations next time I do grilled cheese sandwiches.

Beauty //

If you follow me on twitter (if not you should @flavietheresewp) you might have seen that I had a cold for almost the entire past week which can be rough on your skin, especially in the area that are already dry like the contour of your nostril and your lips. My tips to hydrate those areas is to do an intensive treatment each day at night, the time when you usually don’t use any tissues on your face. I use a cream that really helps to repair the skin called Homeoplasmine since as long as I can remember because it advised to me by my old pediatrician , it’s not a prescription cream but in France you can pick it up at any good pharmacy so if you’re ever in one grab it, and you might be able to find it on the Internet too.

Twitter //

I’m certain I’ve mentioned this before but my favorite things in the blogging community on twitter is all the chats that you can participate in. I always seem to be late but I’ll try to catch up every time, connect and engage with every participant. At the end of the month I’ll host two chats and I’m so thrilled.

Instagram //

To keep the social media theme going I would like to mention something in relation with my unconditional love of quotes. While scrolling through my twitter feed, I discovered something called #Quoted. It’s created by instagrammer @onicahanby and the idea is that you have to write a quote that has or is about the day prompt and post it on Instagram. Personally, I’ve decided to keep those for myself but the idea of doing a little thing everyday for a month could be a good training for my goal to journal every day for a year starting in September.

That is it for today’s weekly favorite. Don’t forget to share you favorite with me in the comments down bellow, I would love to read them all. I hope June started well for you.

Have a lovely day,

xx Mathilde.

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