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Hello guys. Today’s post might seem a bit off compared to all the other weekly favorites blog posts but I have an explanation for that. I am in the middle of my final exams so I did not have much time this week to actually find and enjoy favourites so all favourites are old but good ones that I find helped me or at least I enjoyed this week. I know you will understand if you’ve ever had any exams. In addition to my exam it also was my birthday week so I was kind of busy between celebrating and studying. But let’s get to the favourites.

Food //
As always food. Food is really important to be in a healthy body and mind to study  for your exams so I always remember to eat good meals before I have an exam. Most of the time I gravitate around meals I know I do love and react well to so that I don’t feel bloated. One of my go to being Chili con carne. You can find dozens of recipes online for this meal but I simply do it with the recipe my mum has and it’s totally yummy.

Beauty //
Next favorite is my face wash. Whenever I’m stressed my skin’s reaction involves pimples and redness. And of course with exam come stress so I had a few. The face wash I use is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash and mask. I really like the thickness of the texture and the daily benefit of the 2-in-1 formula that also is a mask. It isn’t a miracle worker that’ll  erase all your imperfections in two days but on the long-term I see betterment.

Book //
Sleep is super important to be ready for an exam.  As I needed to sleep well I knew I could not use my computer or on my phone before going to bed because it’s really bad for you so I decided to re-start and continue to read a book I’d already started quite a long time ago called The Dome by Stephen King. I’ve mentioned it before, it’s an interesting story but I find that it’s complicated and hard to read. It’s the first time I’m trying to read one of his book and I know the style is kind of different therefore I’m not used to it yet.

Tech //
Last but not least I want to talk about two email subscriptions that I’m subscribed to.

First, The Skimm that I’ve already mentioned. To put it in a nutshell it’s a free and daily newsletter that allows you to be informed on what’s going on in the world. I decided to include this in my favourite because while I was busy with my exams I did not have time to research information about what’s going on in the world and this allowed me to keep updated with everything especially in such a busy weeks news wise. Reading this at lunch time (it’s send at USA morning time so in France it arrives in my inbox at 1pm.), it’s part of my daily routine now. I never miss a day, it’s really quick you need five minutes to read everything and it really allows you to have smarter conversations in society.

Then the second subscription I want to talk about is called Artips. This newsletter arrive in your inbox three times a week and you just need about 2 to 3 minutes to read it which is a good benefit while I was busy with exam. The idea behind this newsletter is to receive an anecdote about a piece of art in particular which I find really interesting and adds a lot to my general knowledge. My family and friends must hate me by now because I transfer everything that is interesting.

I wanted to apologise again for the lack of blog post for the past week my exam or still raining up until Wednesday 22nd of June so there will be no other past except this one until Wednesday at least I already have a lot of ideas for future blog post to write so you will see a lot of me this summer.

While I was taking a study break I changed the blog design : I chose a brand new theme that allows me to have a homepage that I prefer displaying my last three posts as well as my favorite quote and songs at the moment and my current location. Let me know if you like it!

I hope you had an amazing week. Don’t forget to leave me your favourites in the comment section below. Have a lovely week.


12 thoughts on “Chili & email

  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    Mmmmm chilli con carne is a fave of mine as well, with lots of cheese on the top haha! I love the idea of The Skimm, I need to check that out, thank you for the recommendation! It’d be lovely to see some photos of your favourite things to accompany posts like these too! Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Abbey ✨


  2. Breanna Catharina (@smile__sugar) says:

    Exam week and birthday week? Such conflict! I am awful when it comes to using tech before bed. I should read like you do. Ahhh technology. But hey, that first e-mail subscriptions sounds pretty interesting. I might look into it myself. Thanks for sharing! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina


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