Sneakers & twitter chat

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If I have to start my usual rent I’m gonna quickly throw out there that I’ve finished my exam on Wednesday and I’ve been enjoying free life since waiting patiently for the results on July the 5th. But for now weekly favorites number 25 here we go.

Mental health //

I’m in no way a mental health expert. I try to find time on my own whenever I’m down for some reason or just to reflect on daily life experiences and troubles. Lately, I’ve added in my little routine five minutes of meditation. I use the breath counting technique that I discovered on YouTube. I’ll recommend you checking Rochelle Fox’s channel for a little how to on that.

Fashion //

Summer sales have started this week in France, and really it’s one of the only time a year I go shopping. Fashion is not my favorite thing hence shopping bother me pretty quickly especially when everything I like is either too expensive or bad quality. However, one thing I’m always pumped for is buying a new pair of sneakers. I live in sneakers on a daily basis because they just bring you a stylish element while adding comfort for your feet. Sales are wonderful when you’re a sneaker addict or lover because price are usually lowered down a little. I bought a new pair of Nike, they’re the Md Runner 2 in Light Bone blue which is white and light blue and I already love them so much. I was not able to find the exact color on the Nike shop but they exist on Khols’website.

TV show //

A few of my favorite TV shows are back : The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars and both of the first episodes were so good which announces wonderful seasons. I’ve also started House of Cards but my opinion is not settled yet as I’m only on episode 2.

Movie //

I also went to the cinema on Sunday to see Finding Dory the new Disney Pixar movie. If you loved Finding Nemo like I did you will most certainly enjoy it. I was expecting a lot and for me this sequel did not top Finding Nemo but it’s worth watching as it’s still visually stunning. However the storyline was not as great.

Twitter chat //

I hosted my first ever twitter chat on sunday for the #Bloggerationchat. The topic was summer and so many of you came and engaged in the chat so thank you so much.

I hope you had a fulfilled week for the first proper week of summer. Have a lovely week.


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