Pool days & cheesecake

First of all I have to apologize for the lack of blog post lately. I’ve been really bad with my blogging schedule even thought I’m officially in holidays because I just got my exams result : I passed my exam quite well which I was so happy about and now I’m enrolling in university for next September which seems crazy. I got caught up in enjoying everything I forgot my computers for the entire start of the week. It’s midnight right now and I’m writing this week weekly favorite article.

TV show //

As you know I’m addicted to TV shows, one of my favorite being Pretty Little Liars. The new season started not long ago and every episode so far is really interesting and has a cliff hanger at the end.

Hair //
With sunnier days come pool days. Most pools have chlorine in the water in order to get rude of all the bacteria which is a hard chemical for your hair. Hence I use an oil based shampoo in order to protect my hair and get rude of chlorine since two years and it has made a great difference already.

Food //
I like tot think I’m a good cook, I hope because otherwise my family and friends must hate me but as I’m not a sweet tooth baking is not really my thing. However, I’ve put more effort in it lately and baked a lemon cheesecake. First time I tried a cheesecake and it’s now my favorite summer desert.

Drink //
A shop near me sells food and drinks from all over the world and my mum and I love to try every new thing we spot. Moreover, my favorite drink is Lipton Ice Tea and they had a flavor I’ve rarely seen in France but never tried it : Daiquiri which is made with strawberry and dragon fruit flavor. The taste is different but it’s tasty. Obviously, I’ve liked it because it’s in this favorite.

Sport //
Finally I quickly want to include table tennis in there because it’s something I come back to every year around this time of the year.

I hope you had a good week last week. Don’t forget to leave your favorite in the comment below.

Have a nice one, Mathilde.

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