A Life Update

A lifeupdate

Hello everyone! As you may have seen I’ve been pretty inactive on my blog and on twitter since the beginning of summer. To be honest, I’ve been overwhelmed between what’s going in the world and in Nice, France lately and with everything that comes with turning 18 and starting a small life on your own in another city to study such as bank appointment, apartment hunting, enrolling in my university as well as keeping an active social life with my friends and family with parties, BBQs and fun days out.

If you follow me on twitter @Flavietheresewp, you may know that I had a week of exams in June and the result was that I succeeded in them. Which means that next year I’m going to university in a complete new town two hours away from where I live, I have to move into a new place to live in, and organizing everything takes some times. I need to travel there to enroll, sign my lease for my new place.. In addition to that it’s summer so everyone is out and I don’t want to lock myself inside on my computer and miss out on everything. I’ve been going to parties two Saturday in a row with my closest friends which feels extremely great considering that we aren’t going to the same city next year. I love these times because they allow us to create new great memories together. To put it in a nutshell, I am struggling to find time and inspiration to blog more. So I’ve made the decision to do monthly favorite/discoveries post for July and August instead of weekly ones. It’s not a huge changes that will impact anyone’s life but mine, BUT it’s really needed. I tend to pressure myself into finding things for my weekly favorites post despite the fact that I want to spend time outside and enjoy my summer.

I feel like my content lately has been lacking creativity and inspiration as it was quite empty. I decided to not post a flat post just to praise myself about posting regularly on my blog. That’s not the aim of this blog. I’m going to use my summer to recharge my battery and brainstorm new content ideas for September.

So for this summer, the posting might be a little bit desultory. I’m hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule in the beginning of September with at least two post a week but I’m working on a proper schedule. Maybe a little more that I was doing before summer, maybe not I’ll see if I can do that as well as studying in university. I really want to work harder on the aesthetic of my post as well as work on the actual content.

Anyways, I hope that you all have a great rest of the week and a fun-filled summer as I am hoping to have as well.

Have a lovely day,

2 thoughts on “A Life Update

  1. Nina says:

    Sounds like you’ve been busy and you’ve got some big changes coming up! It’s great that you’re making your blog for around your life – I think that’s so important.


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