Spring & family

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Hello everyone ! I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday so far. Monday on flavietherese only mean one thing : it’s time for my weekly recap of all my favorite things that happened, that I ate, read or seen the past week.

Family time //

My cousin and her husband recently added a little ray of sunshine to their family. Their little boy is so cute (excuse my lack of word on this one haha), I got to meet him on Sunday so I had to quickly include this in my favorite this week because it was one of my highlight this week.

YouTube //

I don’t have to ramble about how much I love YouTube. Watching videos is part of my daily routine. I don’t really venture on the home page, I only really watch the channel I already follow. Two weeks ago, I discovered in one of my rare home page trip a channel called “This Gathered Nest”. Angela is the mom of 5 kids, does homeschooling videos, videos about adoption (her husband and her have adopted three little kids).. It’s really different from the other channels I watch but it’s refreshing.

Weather //

This one might seem weird at first but I’m sure everyone can relate : spring is really kicking off and I am enjoying the warmer weather so much.

Food //

I am not so much of a baker. My mom, who taught me to love cooking does not love baking so much, therefore I’m the one baking in the house to answer our sweet cravings. On Saturday, I made millionaire shortbread. This Scottish cake is full of calories but mainly full of caramel, chocolate and tasty crust. The recipe will be up on the blog soon so keep an eye out for that.

Music/YouTube //

Last but not least, I’ve added several songs to my playlist lately thanks to Vevo‘s Hot this Week series. This segment on their YouTube channel features every songs that was new this week on vevo or that was hot this week ( I bet you could figure this out by the tittle ? Haha).

That is it for this week, leave me your weekly favorites in the comments below. Have a nice week !

xx, Mathilde.

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