Book club & studying sessions

cool ideas on celebrating your 13th birthday
Hello everyone. I’m apologizing in advance if this blog post is short. I am taking a tiny break from my study sessions to write my weekly favorite. My exams start next Wednesday (June 15th) so my schedule is kind of hectic but I promised myself to post one weekly favorite each week for a year so here it is. I might break this rule in the next couple of weeks because my exam not only start on my birthday but are lasting until June 22th so next weekend might be a bit complicated. However, let’s get onto the favorites.

YouTube & Reading //

If you’re like me one of the many followers of Zoe Sugg aka Zoella you must have heard that she was working on a book club exclusive at WHSmith. Unfortunately, I am not in the UK so WHS is nowhere near me. However, I’m an avid reader. You can understand how happy I was when I realized that Zoe posted a review of all the books she chose on her channel. I did catch a few of her recommendation for whenever I finally get time to read again.

Food //

Summer has been kicking off this past week, we had temperatures over 25°C almost all week so it was time to start eating amazing summery salads my ultimate favorite being a Caprese salad. It was not the case today but we usually use home-grown tomatoes from our own vegetable patch which is so satisfying. If you don’t know what this salad is like it’s basically sliced tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Fun //

As I said it’s finally starting to feel like summer and one major point of summer is water activities. I am so lucky to have a pool at home since I moved from Paris to the countryside and I had my first dive in it on Wednesday. The water was just at about 22°C but the outside weather was so lovely not too.

Sport //

On Friday night the European Championship kicked-off. France is hosting and therefore we played the first game of the group stage against Romania. We won, not easily and not after a perfect game but we won 2-1. I was obviously thrilled and it allowed me to end my week in a good mood.


As I am studying from my final exams I’ve found myself procrastinating, using my phone more than actually working. It crazy to me to come to his end but I’ve downloaded an app that allows you to regulate the access to all of your social medias apps, game and internet browsers as well as camera… However, it does not block your messages or calls. I also use their other app called Prestige to prevent my apps from scrambling afterwards.

That’s it for today guys. Let me know what were you favorite this week in the comments bellow.

Lovely day to you all, Mathilde.

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