Blogging & football

Weekly Favorites #20

Hello guys !
Last week wasn’t an extraordinary week, I didn’t do anything crazy exciting but I still had a great week mentally wise.

I hope your week went well too and let’s get ready for this week favorite round-up.

Blogging //

The blogging community I follow on twitter is excellent , people are supportive of each others, helping each others and recommending places, food, or products anytime some ask for advice. One thing I love about twitter is the chat that certain account organize. For the past month or two I’ve tried to “attend” them on Sunday mornings, my favorite being the #BloggerationChat that the account Bloggeration Mag @Bloggeration_ twitter account organize. Sunday’s chat was lovely and was hosted by @Millywritesblog if you want to check her. You can find here the link to all the twitter chats that Bloggeration Mag have listed.

Personal life //

Exams are coming up really quickly for me therefore I’m covered in school work. When in situation like this my advice is too always take time to enjoy something else on my week that is not work related. I’ve taken so much more time into brainstorming ideas for my blog this week, I am really happy about it and ready to blog full-time this summer.

Sport //

Saturday night was the final football (or soccer if you’re American) of the Coupe de France (French Cup). The team I support in French Football the Paris St Germain won the game against Marseille 4 goals against 2 which was so exciting!

TV Shows //

As always I’ve mentioned this show dozen of times (in this post especially where I did my first tv show addiction post). Quantico‘s first season ended on Sunday last week but I watched the episode on Monday. No spoilers, but the end was astonishing and once again the cast is amazing. I cannot wait for the second season that will normally premiere Summer 2017.

Food //

I love Asian inspired recipes, you add soy sauce in a meal and I love the meal. That’s as simple as that. I tested a recipe I find on Pinterest when brainstorming meal ideas with my mum last week and we used it on Sunday for lunch. The recipe is in French but you can easily translate it or make it without following a recipe : Broccoli and Chicken with Rice. You coat the chicken breast with sweet soy sauce and add sesame.

YouTube //

I’ve been lacking on watching YouTube recently because I don’t have much time but when I do I try to choose my favorite. Therefore, Estée Lalonde ‘s videos are always a must. This week video was about her quarter life crisis as part of her #FindingYou series and I could related to her 25 years old women “struggle” even if I’m only 17.

What were your highlights this week ? Leave them in the comments.

I hope you’ll have fulfilled week, have a nice Monday.

xx, Mathilde.

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